WinStockSS Stockbrokers' System Software

What is WinStockSS?

WinStockSS is an integrated software package that can streamline, automate and centralize critical trading and accounting operations of a securities firm.

WinStockSS can help you produce faster result and more accurately than corresponding manual procedure. It can generate multiple copies of reports that are required by the SEC and PSE Clearing House, and all necessary reports such as ledgers and financial statement.

WinStockSS simplifies processing by enabling you to:
  • Promote better client relations by having relevant and up- to-date client information regarding their collateral valuation, account debit or credit amounts, status of a transaction, etc. the minute they request for these.
  • Generate of reports for submission to institutions like the Securities and Exchange Commission and Philippines Stocks Exchange.
  • Track each customer's balances such as debit and credit account.
  • Enable management assessment for each account executive's performance through monthly production reports, on which agents' commissions will be automatically calculated by WinStockSS.
  • Maintain Running inventory of stock certificates on hand based on in certificate and out certificates transactions.
  • Track the total expenses of the company for a period of time.
  • Prompt accounting department users for data and automatically update all related ledgers or journals, the summaries of which would be shown in the General Ledger and would be used to produce the company's necessary financial statements.
  • Enable the company to keep historical file for each security's market price per day.
  • Assured security and control over system.
  • To have immediate access to critical data