Point of Sale System

What is the Point of Sale System and how can it work for you?

With the P.O.S system your front line staff can literally do their jobs with their eyes closed! There is a P.O.S. tool facilitating each basic task of your cashier.

Step 1. Enter the sales transaction through the Programmable Keyboard.

Step 2. Scan the product through the Bar Code Scanner that allows reading of SKU codes quickly.

Step 3. The Customer Display Screen will automatically reflect the stock numbers and prices of the goods.

Step 4. The cashier can easily keep track of the summing of up the sale, entry of payment and change through the Cashier's Monitor.
  • Accepts various modes of payment:
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Credit Card
  • Coupons
  • Charge Slips
  • Goods with discounted prices are instantly reflected.
  • Includes a suspend/ recall feature. Cashier can put a transaction on hold if necessary and give way to the next business deal. This feature lets you avoid customer delay and ensures the cashier line continue moving.
  • Includes supervisory override for issuance of discounts, voiding of transactions, and other sensitive functions.

  • Step 4a. Cash could be safely kept on the special Cash Drawer, which could only be opened with the correct code or if there's a new sale.

    Step 5. To end the sale, a copy of the receipt will be given to the customer using the Receipt Printer.
  • The P.O.S. captures information at the point of transaction, for a shorter process flow, lesser chances for human error and minimized customer-waiting time. No more long waiting queues at the cashier's desk means more happy clients!
  • The P.O.S. is simple and user-friendly. Learning how to use and operate P.O.S. can be learned in one short training session. Operating this system does not require extensive computer literacy from the user. Competent SFI staff will give the training.

  • FIRST and ASYST, the perfect retail combo…

    Integration with ASYST, SFI's accounting package, enables retail outlets to centralize and aggregate sales information from multiple locations into one database for convenient analysis and decision support. With this feature comes the ease of knowing and identifying the over-all success of the company in addition to the per-branch profitability breakdown.

    Several POS systems store sales info into a branch level SIS for quick, expedient management in the field. Data is immediately processed for better decision-making information generation.

    With ASYST integration, several SIS from various outlets can send data to control office where enterprise-wide data can be collected and analyzed. Through this network all records are made available for any time without transportation or logistical concerns.