FIRST (Fully Integrated Retail System)

What is FIRST?

The Fully Integrated Retail System or FIRST is the complete solution for your retail store. We have developed the system to fit perfectly with the footwear and garments retailers, integrating features unique to these industries such as size runs, aging of items, specialized purchasing functions, among others. A second version has also been developed to fit the needs of stores that sell items by weight, so that output from electronic weighing scales connected to the computer is automatically logged into the program.

The FIRST's comprehensive modules allow you to perform store cashiering functions, keep track of the total sales, inventory and profitability figures per branch, identify fast-selling items, and most importantly, consolidate all data across branches for a full income statement for the company.

True to its name, our Fully Integrated Retail SysTem is indeed leading in its category. FIRST is composed of two main systems servicing two different levels of administrators. The Point of Sale System aids the store front-liners or the cashiers. While the Branch Sales and Inventory System are tools for the managers or supervisors. FIRST enables your establishment to accommodate as many buyers as possible, as fast as you can say swipe! FIRST is your store's answer to the shopping population.